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inkjutsu - Sai

Recent Entries

6/23/08 05:49 pm - drawing 9

Back at 'Root'......my only home.  This place somehow almost seems less like a dump.

Hn......I need more ink.

((ooc: Sai really really needs to meet others, so poke him if you'd like and if you dare 8D~))

4/30/08 01:42 pm - drawing 8



4/10/08 11:10 pm - drawing 7

Point proven.

((WOOSH groin attacks fo show~ *shot*))

4/3/08 08:11 pm - drawing 6

The April Fool's curse wore off, so far I'm pretty sure I.....haven't effected anyone....with it...

Other than that....I made the dodgeball team...

4/1/08 03:02 pm - drawing 5

......This is rather.....different ♫...

((ooc: April Fool's thing. Sai's voice is going to be carrying a tune, but he's not exactly singing. Also it's a bit contagious so it'll be up to you whether or not your character gets effected by it when talking to him ~))

3/20/08 11:50 am - drawing 4

I put the ink I got to good use, with just enough left for my school work that'll last me for a good few months.  I should get some extra paper and ink next time at Hogsmeade.

3/8/08 08:35 pm - drawing 3

....I seem to be settling into this place far better than I thought I would seeing as how I don't mind the colors on my robe all that much.......

......On another note, I ran out of ink just before arriving here. Does any one have any I can borrow?

((strikes = hackable~))

2/29/08 10:54 am - drawing 2


......talking painting......?

((ooc: backlogged to a few days ago))

2/25/08 07:26 pm - drawing 1

The atmosphere here is much...different than from what I am use to..or even expected. Not only that, I've seem to run out of ink while on the train ride here. I knew I probably should of pick up some more in Diagon Alley. I suppose charcoal will do for now...

Hm? Using a journal to communicate with others? I've heard that is the best way to meet new people......or so I've read in a book a while back.
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